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Office Number (712) 527-3114
Kathryn Aistrope  kathryn@jimhughesrealestate.com
Kelly Boles  kellyb@jimhughesrealestate.com
Tom Demory  tom@jimhughesrealestate.com
Deanna Fuller  deanna@jimhughesrealestate.com
John Hausen  jandjhausen@gmail.com
Merrill Heard  jamer@iowatelecom.net
Dan Holliman  dan@jimhughesrealestate.com
Lori Holt  lori.catlett@gmail.com
Kris Homan  krish@jimhughesrealestate.com
Allan Hughes  info@jimhughesrealestate.com
Jim Hughes  info@jimhughesrealestate.com
Bob Hughes  bob@jimhughesrealestate.com
David Hughes  david@jimhughesrealestate.com
Diane Knox  diane@jimhughesrealestate.com
Tim O'Connor  timoconnor1939@hotmail.com
Julie O'Hara  rebhaimom@yahoo.com
Jake Rice  jrice.auction@gmail.com
MaryAnn Sell  maryann@jimhughesrealestate.com
David Sieck  iowafarmrboy@gmail.com
Evan Sieck  easieck@gmail.com
Maddi Sieck  maddi@jimhughesrealestate.com
Mark Sneed  sneed5@yahoo.com
Amy Soergel  pasoergel@msn.com
Kelly Stangl  kellyconle@gmail.com
Betty Stanley  betty@jimhughesrealestate.com
Anne M. (Hughes) Steele  anne@jimhughesrealestate.com
Tina Stouder  tina@jimhughesrealestate.com
Emily Swinford  emily@jimhughesrealestate.com
Nancy Vanatta  nvanatta75@gmail.com
Sandi Winton  sandi@jimhughesrealestate.com
Todd Wright  todd@jimhughesrealestate.com
Susan Wright  wrightwayfarm5@aol.com
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